Articles I have written for various books, magazines, and publications that have featured my quilts!


Books I have written or been featured in

Designs in Patchwork: 28 Original Designs and Instructions

1987 Oxmoor House Inc. Birmingham, AL

Quilts from Happy Hands

1981 Happy Hands Publishing, Ft. Worth, TX

6 designs: Evolution, JoAnne’s Quilt, Sweet Dreams, Vanishing Point, Holy Man, Symphony in F

Colorado Quilting: From Mountains to Plains

Mary Ann Schmidt and Colorado Quilting Council, 2014, statewide historical documentation, Freedom Wreath

Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles I have contributed

The Quilt Life.

Article: “What’s in a Room” 8/14

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine

Photo feature: Jam Session 6/79

Article: “Exhibiting Quilts as Fine Art” 1/81

Article:“Risks of Exhibiting” 1/81

Cover Photo: Freedom Wreath 6/86

Photo Feature: Lifetime Bride’s Quilt 6/90

Quilt Japan

3 articles 1987

Featured Quilts

Quilts that have been featured in multiple books and magazines

Quilters Newsletter Magazine

The Lifetime Bride’s Quilt, Freedom Wreath, Jam Session

Southwest Crafts

Desert Star

All Flags Flying- Robert Bishop & Carter Hour,  Museum of American Folk Art

Freedom Wreath

Country Handcrafts

Rocky Mountain Bride’s Quilt, Anniversary, Hopscotch

Ms Magazine photo feature

Anniversary, Love Woven In, Attempted Imprisonment, Vanishing Point, JoAnne’s Quilt

Better Homes & Gardens: Christmas Issue

Hilda’s Christmas Quilt Goes on to Infinity

Better Homes & Gardens Crafts

Mountain Meadow

Needle & Thread

Vanishing Point, Symphony in F

Needlecraft for Today

JoAnne’s Quilt

McCall’s Quilt It!

Eyes of Love

Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts

JoAnne’s Quilt

Family Circle Decorating Made Easy


Taylor Batting 8/86

Morning Glory
commission/ongoing publication in magazine advertising campaign